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VA Compensation Benefits Process

The Social Security Administration provides more than 9 million military veterans with financial and medical support. It ... Read More

Limits on Social Security Disability Income

While the Social Security Administration (SSA) does provide other avenues of support for people of little means or ... Read More

Social Security Disability Backpay

Social Security Disability Backpay is the amount of money in past due benefits an individual is required by law to ... Read More

How To Appeal for Social Security Disability

With each passing year, more and more people apply for Social Security Disability benefits and are denied. People who ... Read More

Role of a Social Security Lawyer

The role of a Social Security lawyer can be beneficial to people dealing with legal issues pertaining to receiving or ... Read More

Social Security Disability Requirements

The SSA requires that certain criteria must be met before a person may receive benefits due to their disability. Read More

Social Security Disability Application Process

The application process for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplementary Security Income can be a long and ... Read More

Reconsideration for Social Security

During the reconsideration process, the SSA looks at any new evidence that has come to light or admitted since the ... Read More

Filing SSI for Children

Filing for Supplementary Security Income (SSI) for a child can be beneficial as it helps accommodate a mentally and ... Read More

Disability Claim for Social Security

A legal advisor can assist you in claiming disability benefits for both SSDI and Supplementary Security Income (SSI) if ... Read More

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